TinyXML-2  8.0.0
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tinyxml2::XMLText Class Reference

#include <tinyxml2.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool Accept (XMLVisitor *visitor) const
virtual XMLTextToText ()
 Safely cast to Text, or null.
void SetCData (bool isCData)
 Declare whether this should be CDATA or standard text.
bool CData () const
 Returns true if this is a CDATA text element.
virtual XMLNodeShallowClone (XMLDocument *document) const
virtual bool ShallowEqual (const XMLNode *compare) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from tinyxml2::XMLNode
const XMLDocumentGetDocument () const
 Get the XMLDocument that owns this XMLNode.
XMLDocumentGetDocument ()
 Get the XMLDocument that owns this XMLNode.
virtual XMLElementToElement ()
 Safely cast to an Element, or null.
virtual XMLCommentToComment ()
 Safely cast to a Comment, or null.
virtual XMLDocumentToDocument ()
 Safely cast to a Document, or null.
virtual XMLDeclarationToDeclaration ()
 Safely cast to a Declaration, or null.
virtual XMLUnknownToUnknown ()
 Safely cast to an Unknown, or null.
const char * Value () const
void SetValue (const char *val, bool staticMem=false)
int GetLineNum () const
 Gets the line number the node is in, if the document was parsed from a file.
const XMLNodeParent () const
 Get the parent of this node on the DOM.
bool NoChildren () const
 Returns true if this node has no children.
const XMLNodeFirstChild () const
 Get the first child node, or null if none exists.
const XMLElementFirstChildElement (const char *name=0) const
const XMLNodeLastChild () const
 Get the last child node, or null if none exists.
const XMLElementLastChildElement (const char *name=0) const
const XMLNodePreviousSibling () const
 Get the previous (left) sibling node of this node.
const XMLElementPreviousSiblingElement (const char *name=0) const
 Get the previous (left) sibling element of this node, with an optionally supplied name.
const XMLNodeNextSibling () const
 Get the next (right) sibling node of this node.
const XMLElementNextSiblingElement (const char *name=0) const
 Get the next (right) sibling element of this node, with an optionally supplied name.
XMLNodeInsertEndChild (XMLNode *addThis)
XMLNodeInsertFirstChild (XMLNode *addThis)
XMLNodeInsertAfterChild (XMLNode *afterThis, XMLNode *addThis)
void DeleteChildren ()
void DeleteChild (XMLNode *node)
XMLNodeDeepClone (XMLDocument *target) const
void SetUserData (void *userData)
void * GetUserData () const

Detailed Description

XML text.

Note that a text node can have child element nodes, for example:

<root>This is <b>bold</b></root>

A text node can have 2 ways to output the next. "normal" output and CDATA. It will default to the mode it was parsed from the XML file and you generally want to leave it alone, but you can change the output mode with SetCData() and query it with CData().

Member Function Documentation

◆ Accept()

virtual bool tinyxml2::XMLText::Accept ( XMLVisitor visitor) const

Accept a hierarchical visit of the nodes in the TinyXML-2 DOM. Every node in the XML tree will be conditionally visited and the host will be called back via the XMLVisitor interface.

This is essentially a SAX interface for TinyXML-2. (Note however it doesn't re-parse the XML for the callbacks, so the performance of TinyXML-2 is unchanged by using this interface versus any other.)

The interface has been based on ideas from:

Which are both good references for "visiting".

An example of using Accept():

XMLPrinter printer;
tinyxmlDoc.Accept( &printer );
const char* xmlcstr = printer.CStr();

Implements tinyxml2::XMLNode.

◆ ShallowClone()

virtual XMLNode* tinyxml2::XMLText::ShallowClone ( XMLDocument document) const

Make a copy of this node, but not its children. You may pass in a Document pointer that will be the owner of the new Node. If the 'document' is null, then the node returned will be allocated from the current Document. (this->GetDocument())

Note: if called on a XMLDocument, this will return null.

Implements tinyxml2::XMLNode.

◆ ShallowEqual()

virtual bool tinyxml2::XMLText::ShallowEqual ( const XMLNode compare) const

Test if 2 nodes are the same, but don't test children. The 2 nodes do not need to be in the same Document.

Note: if called on a XMLDocument, this will return false.

Implements tinyxml2::XMLNode.

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