TinyXML-2  7.0.0
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tinyxml2::XMLPrinter Class Reference

#include <tinyxml2.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XMLPrinter (FILE *file=0, bool compact=false, int depth=0)
void PushHeader (bool writeBOM, bool writeDeclaration)
void OpenElement (const char *name, bool compactMode=false)
void PushAttribute (const char *name, const char *value)
 If streaming, add an attribute to an open element.
virtual void CloseElement (bool compactMode=false)
 If streaming, close the Element.
void PushText (const char *text, bool cdata=false)
 Add a text node.
void PushText (int value)
 Add a text node from an integer.
void PushText (unsigned value)
 Add a text node from an unsigned.
void PushText (int64_t value)
 Add a text node from an unsigned.
void PushText (bool value)
 Add a text node from a bool.
void PushText (float value)
 Add a text node from a float.
void PushText (double value)
 Add a text node from a double.
void PushComment (const char *comment)
 Add a comment.
virtual bool VisitEnter (const XMLDocument &)
 Visit a document.
virtual bool VisitExit (const XMLDocument &)
 Visit a document.
virtual bool VisitEnter (const XMLElement &element, const XMLAttribute *attribute)
 Visit an element.
virtual bool VisitExit (const XMLElement &element)
 Visit an element.
virtual bool Visit (const XMLText &text)
 Visit a text node.
virtual bool Visit (const XMLComment &comment)
 Visit a comment node.
virtual bool Visit (const XMLDeclaration &declaration)
 Visit a declaration.
virtual bool Visit (const XMLUnknown &unknown)
 Visit an unknown node.
const char * CStr () const
int CStrSize () const
void ClearBuffer ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void PrintSpace (int depth)

Detailed Description

Printing functionality. The XMLPrinter gives you more options than the XMLDocument::Print() method.

It can:

  1. Print to memory.
  2. Print to a file you provide.
  3. Print XML without a XMLDocument.

Print to Memory

XMLPrinter printer;
doc.Print( &printer );
SomeFunction( printer.CStr() );

Print to a File

You provide the file pointer.

XMLPrinter printer( fp );
doc.Print( &printer );

Print without a XMLDocument

When loading, an XML parser is very useful. However, sometimes when saving, it just gets in the way. The code is often set up for streaming, and constructing the DOM is just overhead.

The Printer supports the streaming case. The following code prints out a trivially simple XML file without ever creating an XML document.

XMLPrinter printer( fp );
printer.OpenElement( "foo" );
printer.PushAttribute( "foo", "bar" );

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ XMLPrinter()

tinyxml2::XMLPrinter::XMLPrinter ( FILE *  file = 0,
bool  compact = false,
int  depth = 0 

Construct the printer. If the FILE* is specified, this will print to the FILE. Else it will print to memory, and the result is available in CStr(). If 'compact' is set to true, then output is created with only required whitespace and newlines.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearBuffer()

void tinyxml2::XMLPrinter::ClearBuffer ( )

If in print to memory mode, reset the buffer to the beginning.

◆ CStr()

const char* tinyxml2::XMLPrinter::CStr ( ) const

If in print to memory mode, return a pointer to the XML file in memory.

◆ CStrSize()

int tinyxml2::XMLPrinter::CStrSize ( ) const

If in print to memory mode, return the size of the XML file in memory. (Note the size returned includes the terminating null.)

◆ OpenElement()

void tinyxml2::XMLPrinter::OpenElement ( const char *  name,
bool  compactMode = false 

If streaming, start writing an element. The element must be closed with CloseElement()

◆ PrintSpace()

virtual void tinyxml2::XMLPrinter::PrintSpace ( int  depth)

Prints out the space before an element. You may override to change the space and tabs used. A PrintSpace() override should call Print().

◆ PushHeader()

void tinyxml2::XMLPrinter::PushHeader ( bool  writeBOM,
bool  writeDeclaration 

If streaming, write the BOM and declaration.

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